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Few gifts fulfill the needs of both dog and human. The Molle Tache mission is to create endearing experiences for dogs and their people that last a lifetime. We believe it's the experience rather than the products, that make what we do the perfect treat for you and your dog.

THE DOG DESIGNER | Mike Spears, the Dog Designer® is the founder and creative force behind Molle Tache, LLC. His extraordinary creativity and design range transform amazing and unique products into an unforgettable experience, fitting for any dog's home, personality and lifestyle.

Mike's creates beautiful and useful products for pets and their people, including one-of-a-kind luxury dog beds, furniture collections, amazing indoor and outdoor dog houses, indoor dog spaces. handmade toys and high fashion couture apparel.

Every project is created as personal, expressive experiences centered on your dog's personality, your relationship and life together. Every work reflects your dog's character, your sense of style and fits into the life you lead together.

MOLLE TACHE | Molle Tache also works with business clients to support their efforts to satisfy the needs of a growing segment of their client base; pets and their people. For instance, Molle Tache will design signature beds and furniture for pet friendly hotels, or assist with product design for exclusive retail product lines in pet friendly stores.

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Dog Designer, Mike Spears

It's about creating amazing experiences for pets and their people. Hire the Dog Designer and you and you're dog are in for the treat of a lifetime. It's simple, fun and exciting! Get Started Now!

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Dog Designer Fashion Gallery
Dog Desigener Fashion Gallery High fashion couture for the little socialite in your life!
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