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DOGS & THEIR PEOPLE | A custom design project with the Dog Designer® is easy, exciting, fun and fulfilling. In the comfort of your home Mike will visit with you and your dog. You'll talk about your dog and your life together and discuss ideas for your project.

Maybe you want a piece or a collection of furniture pieces...or maybe it's a couture piece, or a full wardrobe. In any case, the course of the project will include the review of design sketches, materials and finishes, and photos of the project in progress.

Every project includes a special gift; a coffee table biography of your dog, delivered at the conclusion of your project. A colorful bio and project sketch is hard bound in a professional quality book. It's a charming way to capture the essence of your relationship in photos and words that will last a lifetime.

To get started, contact us today (please, don't make us beg) at mls@thedogdesigner.com or call 888-304-DOGS.

Projects start at $12,500.

INDUSTRY CLIENTS | When your business caters to dogs and their people, the Dog Designer can be a great partner and valuable asset in your efforts to reach one of the fastest growing market sectors in the world.

Whether a dog friendly hotel chain, retail chain, clothing design label, toy manufacturer, or other pet friendly business, Mike Spears will work with you to design products, develop messaging and other tools to help you tap into this emerging market space.


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Dog Designer Fashion Gallery
Dog Designer Fashion Gallery High fashion couture for the little socialite in your life!
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Hire the Dog Designer
Dog Designer, Mike Spears

It's about creating amazing experiences for pets and their people. Hire the Dog Designer and you and you're dog are in for the treat of a lifetime. It's simple, fun and exciting! Get Started Now!

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