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Couture Apparel Design

Little Socialite Collection The Dog Designer® and Molle Tache introduce their premier line of couture apparel: the "Little Socialite" collection. The collection consists of four pieces, each handmade and fitted to your dog's measurements. Each garment is an original Molle Tache design and made to order.

The process is simple:

  1. Select a garment for the collection
  2. Download the Measurement Guide
  3. Use the guide to measure your dog
  4. Record measurements in the My Measurements section of the guide
  5. Complete the General Information section of the guide
  6. Save and email the completed form to

Molle Tache Couture Measurement Guide

Custom Furniture Design

More About Luxury Dog Beds More About Luxury Dog Houses An unforgettable experience that reveals the story of you, your dog and your life together, expressed in exclusively designed furniture, beds, doghouses and epic productions.

The design experience is a simple and proven process Mike has used successfully for more than a decade. His mission is to capture the essence of you, your pet and your life together in a work or art. He tells your story, visually, through the design of dog furniture, doghouses, beds, as well as other epic productions.

As a client of the Dog Designer®, all you need to know is that your role in the process is simple, fun and exciting. You simply share information about your life with your dog. Mike has crafted an interview approach that is interesting, easy and certain to reveal the character and charm of your dog and the life you share. Even if you don't know what you want, together, you and the Dog Designer work out ideas for your project, a project sure to please you and your dog.